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Bishop Watterson High School, the first coeducational diocesan high school in Franklin County, opened its doors in the fall of 1954. Bishop Michael Joseph Ready not only mandated that the school be established, but also directed that it be named in honor of Bishop John Ambrose Watterson who served as the second Bishop of Columbus from August 8, 1880 until his death on April 17, 1899.

Bishop Watterson was known as a spiritual leader, sympathetic listener, scholar, and able administrator who was dedicated to Catholic education. He increased the number of diocesan schools because he saw them as essential to the moral and intellectual development of young Catholics. It is certainly fitting that our school has been named for him.

This tradition of excellence is also a tribute to the leadership and vision of our principals. Monsignor Edward Spiers, the first principal, imbue the school with a commitment to the moral and intellectual development of its students. Monsignor Kenneth Grimes, Mr. John Durant and Ms. Marian Hutson gave many years of service to the Bishop Watterson community, carrying on and strengthening that commitment. Today, Deacon Chris Campbell '77 leads his alma mater as principal, guided by Catholic tradition and inspired by his passion for the Bishop Watterson community.

The success of our graduates, the hours of community service, the scholarships received, the plaques on the lobby walls, the banners in the gym, the trophies in the cases - all are testimony to the dedication of our staff and students and proof that a rich heritage, begun in 1954, is alive and well today.