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 • Christ is the reason for this school – the unseen, but ever-present teacher in its classes – the model of its faculty and the inspiration of its students.

• The faculty and staff of Bishop Watterson High School understand and respect Catholic doctrine and morals in their research and teaching.

• Bishop Watterson High School shows its Catholic identity through Christian inspiration, knowledge of the Catholic faith, faithfulness to the Christian message as it comes through the Church, and an institutional commitment to service.

• Bishop Watterson High School provides a positive learning environment that fosters opportunities for administrators, faculty, staff, parents, and students to share in the responsibility for advancing the school’s Catholic mission.

• Student learning and moral, spiritual, intellectual and social development are the primary focuses in decision-making impacting the work of the school.

• Students learn in different ways and are provided with a variety of instructional approaches and types of assessment to challenge them to learn and support in their learning.

• All students have the opportunity to learn and to assume responsibility in making educational choices for success.

• Students are provided with opportunities for critical thinking so that they can apply what they have learned in all aspects of their education-moral, spiritual, intellectual and social.

• Bishop Watterson High School is a safe, supportive, and challenging learning environment which gives students opportunities to become confident, self-directed, and life-long learners.