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Bishop John A. Watterson



Second Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Columbus

Born in Blairsville, Pa., on May 27, 1844, Bishop Watterson was the 6th child of John and Mary McAfee Watterson.

Bishop Watterson was ordained a priest on August 9, 1868 for Diocese of Pittsburgh, Pa.

He founded more parishes and schools than any other Columbus Bishop.

He was a firm believer in Catholic education and made it his practice to establish Catholic schools whenever possible.

Bishop Watterson was the first Catholic Bishop ever to speak at The Ohio State University.

He was a dynamic speaker - Catholics and Protestants would gather on the OhioStatehouse lawn on Sunday afternoons to hear him talk about some point of religion, book he read, or places he visited.

His first act as Bishop of Columbus was to confirm 116 children at St. Mary Parish…ironically his last act as Bishop was to confirm 111 children at St. Mary Parish the day before he died on April 17, 1899.

Bishop Watterson is buried at Mt. Calvary Cemetery located near downtown Columbus.