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Alumni Association
Main Objective

The Alumni Department works in full partnership with the Bishop Watterson High School Alumni Association. The Alumni Association is committed to the purpose and objectives of the Alumni Department and is a key participant in promoting active and lasting relationships among Bishop Watterson alumni and their alma mater.

It is the responsibility of BWHS alumni to show the current students what life holds for them, what's available to them, and to get the message across that this community is the springboard for your life. When you come back, we'll always be here for you. Once you're an alumnus of BWHS you're an alumni for life. With regards to the future, it's our responsibility to ensure the success of BWHS for generations to come.    

1st row L-R: Emily Manahan '08, Kathy Bryant '80, Mark Flanagan (Pres) '97, Heather Weekley '07, Carolyn Ritchie Hayzlett '92

2nd Row L-R: Scott Manahan (Alumni Director), Greg Cunningham '08, Msgr. John Cody (Chaplain) '64, Leo Grimes (VP) '73, Carol Judy Stewart '64, Mike Rea '62.

Not present: Steve Devlin '96, Jon Fortkamp '88, David Stein '92, Christy Shaffer Peterson '96, Corey Shubitowski Barrett '05, E.J. Davis '75, Ron Benjamin '87, Shawn O'Reilly '88, Brad Kernan '06