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2016 Locker Room Projects

Bishop Watterson High School would like to recognize the individuals and organizations listed below for their contributions to our 2016 locker room projects. For us to continue to provide a top-quality educational experience we rely upon the continued generosity of the Bishop Watterson family to support our programs. Through major gift initiatives we continue to update our facilities and programs for current and future Eagles. Please continue to keep Bishop Watterson High School in your prayers.

The McCurdy Family Locker Room (located on the ground floor of BWHS):
Phil and Rhonda Anglim
Michael and Jan Baumann
Donald and Cindy Braun
Deacon Christopher and Anne Campbell
Lance and Jennifer Clarke
Josh and Amy Corna
Stephanie Costa
William and Nancy Davis
Shawn and Dede Dean
Jim and Stacy Dixon
David and Jean Ann Eberst
John and Suzy Echenrode
Damion Faulkner
John and Penny Forker
Jonathan and Barbara Fortkamp
Miles and Ronna Gibson
Deacon Frank and Peggy Iannarino
Michael and Beverly Huff
Marian Hutson
Brad and Stephanie Infante
John Mahaney
Dominic and Angela Marchi
Charles McCurdy
Edward McCurdy
Jonathan McCurdy
Patrick and Cheryl McCurdy
Robert and Judy McCurdy
Edward and Rebecca Mershad
Urban and Shelley Meyer
John and Barbara Modecki-Mellett
Virginia O’Connor
Shawn and Paula O’Reilly
Daniel and Barbara Pardi
Paul and Charlene Pardi
John and Cheryl Presutti
Timothy and Beth Reik
Michael and Mindy Roark
Karen Schwanekamp
David Snavely and Georgiana Van Syckle
Eric and Marcia Springer
Robert and Rosemary Steinbauer
Timothy Thissen
Thomas Tonti
Thomas and Diana Wagoner
Dennis and Gayle Winchester
James and Tracy Winchester
John Winchester

Boys’ Locker Room (located at Hagely Field):

America’s Floor Source
Power Shack Gym
HP Interior Solutions
Mike and Marcia Giesler
Phil Massinople
Jack and Cathy Mautino
Ken and Suzanne Bowen
Matthew and Kelly Baldwin
Barry Carter and Mary McLoughlin
Brock and Laurie Marbaugh
Todd and Susan Paul
Craig and Christi Markos
Edward and Rebecca Mershad
Ken and Joann Bratka
Urban and Shelley Meyer
Bill and Nancy Davis
John and Ruthie Fortkamp
Jonathan and Barbara Fortkamp
Thomas and Donna DePalma
Donald and Theresa Bowers
BWHS Football Program
Russ and Whitney Bogan
Dave Ganim

Msgr. Grimes Baseball Locker Room:
Shawn and Paula O’Reilly