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The Bishop Watterson High School Athletic Association (Association) serves as a sub-committee of the Bishop Watterson School Board. The purpose of the Association is to assist the Athletic Department of the school in raising funds in support of the athletic programs. The fiscal year for the Association is July 1st through June 30th.

Financial Policy Goal

The specific goal of the Association’s financial policy is to assure the Association has the necessary funds to accomplish its mission, while keeping the Association on a sound financial basis. In addition, it is the desire of the Association’s Board of Directors that all families be aware and informed of their fiscal responsibility and that the financial commitment be equitably distributed among all members.

Fiscal Need

On an annual basis, the Association provides funds to purchase team uniforms, various equipment and supplies.


The Association was formed to provide supplemental funds in addition to school subsidies to meet the needs of the Athletic Program. Over the years, the Association has assumed an increased responsibility for the funding of the athletic programs in response to a decreased reliance on school subsidies.


Required Participation

This policy requires all families of student athletes to participate in two distinct and separate programs to help accomplish the mission of the Association and maintain the quality programs and facilities indicative of Bishop Watterson High School.

These requirements are detailed below:

a. Annual Membership – Annually, by September 15th each year, families are required to become members of the Association. The annual membership fee will be reviewed by the Board of Directors, voted on and announced for the following year at the May meeting. It is contemplated that the membership fees will provide the basic and necessary funds for the continuation of the Association’s activities and the funding of the sports programs. No family shall be required to pay the fee more than once annually, i.e., multiple children and multiple sports are covered by the same fee. Bishop Watterson staff members are exempt from paying Association membership fees.

Fees for student participation:  $230 for each sport and additional $100 for second child - maximum $530 per family

If a family is unable to pay the required membership fee by September 15th, that family shall contact Doug Etgen, Athletic Director ( by September 15th to request a suitable payment plan.

In the event a family becomes a member of the Association and the student athlete does not become a member of any of the athletic teams during the fiscal year, the membership fee will be refunded after teams are selected for the spring sports season (at the parent’s request) at the original amount paid less an administrative fee. Parents should contact Doug Etgen ( in writing or by e-mail with the request and mailing information.

b. Volunteering – Annually, each family will be required to assist with Bishop Watterson athletic events or other Association activities. Families are required to sign-up and work one Association sponsored event (regardless of the number of student athletes per family or the number of sports participated by a student athlete). BWAA officers, committee chair persons, lead team representatives and Watterson staff members are exempt from volunteering.

In lieu of working one event, families have the option of buying-out of their work requirement for an additional fee. Member families with student athletes participating in fall sports must sign-up or buy-out of their work requirement by August 17. Member families with student athletes participating in non-fall sports must sign-up or buy-out of their work requirement by December 1. Failure to sign-up or buy-out by the above dates will result in the loss of the student athlete’s eligibility until sign-up or buy-out is complete. Log-on to for volunteer sign-up or buy-out and for additional information regarding Athletic Association volunteer policies.

Voluntary Participation

There are also supplemental programs in which participation is encouraged. These programs are as follows:

a. Fund Raising Participation - Annually, families and student athletes will be asked to participate in the fund raising activities of the Association. Currently, these efforts involve an annual raffle and program advertising. Although these events may change, the participation of families will be such that fifty percent (50%) of the net profit from the event will be allocated to the individual sport designated and fifty percent (50%) to the Association. As an example, a student athlete selling a raffle ticket may designate his/her sport as track. Fifty percent (50%) of each ticket’s profit amount will be allocated to track for use as part of its annual supplementary budget. As a result, each individual sport will receive a regular budget allocation from Association general funds and a supplementary budget allocation from its raffle ticket sales and other fund raising activities.

b. Other Costs – Families may incur additional costs unique to the sport in which their children participate. These may include such things as meals, shoes, practice uniforms, pads, braces or other attire. These expenses will be the sole obligation of the family and will be identified by each sport. It is the hope and desire of the Athletic Association that these costs will be kept to a minimum as most items can be supplied though the supplementary budget of the individual sport and the operating budget of the Association.

c. Other Efforts – Families may be required to assist with additional duties specific to the sport(s) of their student athlete(s). Such duties may include: transportation to and from athletic events, assistance before, during or after athletic events or other sport specific duties as requested by the coach. These duties are in addition to the volunteering requirements indicated above.

Annual Review

This policy is subject to the annual review of the Board of Directors and Membership and may be amended by a majority vote of the Board.